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Timber Fencing

While updating pool areas it is common that we will need to update timber boundary fences as well. Fences that are shared with a neighbour, or the outside street, normally need to be 1.8m high to meet pool compliance.


With a team of qualified builders and carpenters we can help upgrade or create any combination of fencing or screening your require. While we specialise in glass pool fencing, we can also build timber fences and screens. 

Pool build during a backyard renovation

Here we have removed old retaining walls and we're cleaning the site to drill piers for the new retaining wall. At this stage we also leveled the garden beds.

Frameless glass pool fence in Coolum Beach

Here you can see the finished work with new fence, retaining wall, decking, frameless glass fence installed using black hardware.

Aluminium Fencing  

Don't like the look of a timber fence or want something maintenance free? We can also install aluminium boundary fences. These can be "pre-fabricated" in a range of designs, or custom built. Custom built is best if your yard is unique with walls, step points and sloped areas.  


1.8m high aluminium fencing with a 3m wide dual gate for vehicle access into the yard. A great option that requires no maintenance.  

20231219_175032 (1)_edited.png

1.2m high aluminium fencing along the rock wall to keep dogs in the yard, meets custom cut glass fencing at the entry walkway. 


No job too big or too small - this continues around the corner and was about 50m in total. This is a combination of "pre-fabricated" and custom fabricated fence as it had a rake to meet a wall. 


1.2m high aluminium pool fencing in a white powder coat finish, fitted with self closing hinges and top lock latch. 

Aluminium Screens and Gates

We can help design, manufacture and install gates and screens. These are commonly made of powder coated aluminium as they don't need any maintenance and won't warp or bow with age. Due to unique widths of the openings, these are often custom built. We have different options to suit different budgets, so contact us today for an obligation free quote.    


1.8m high aluminium gates custom made with welded frames and slats prior to powder coating in nominated colour to match the house. Included heavy duty hinges and latch. 


Custom built extra wide gate, welded frame, slats and rolling wheel prior to powder coating in the nominated colour. We installed this with heavy duty hinges and a top lock latch. 


1.8m high aluminium sliding gate, custom made with welded frame and slats prior to powder coating in nominated colour. We installed the tracks, slider and remote control motor.  


Custom built aluminium screen in powder coated in the nominated colour scheme. We fabricated the frame it is secured to and then mounted all the screening battens.


What planning and designs are needed?

Before undertaking any work we assess if building approvals, plans and engineering are required. If these are applicable to scope fo the work required, then we have professionals that we collaborate with and we will organise each step of the process. We will help guide each step of the way. 


What if other trades are required?

We have a network of reliable tradesmen we work with regularly, every step of the process we will be able to cover including earthworks, plumbers, electricians, tilers, concreters and painters. If you have a specific trades person you want involved that is no problem either, we're happy to collaborate alongside any professionals. 

I only have a small backyard, what can I do?

We only work with custom designed areas, so arranging updates to a small area is no problem. We will work with you to design a perfect outdoor area that suits the space. In many cases this is best achieved by including building work. If you have a small outdoor area then we often look at creating indoor to outdoor flow by installing larger doors and covered areas. This makes the most the limited space. 

Don't have a design?

Great, give us a call and we can give you a no obligation consultation. We have worked with lots of outdoor and pool areas. We know what works and will often have different ideas anyway. It isn't uncommon that an owner has an idea that isn't ideal or just won't work, so sometimes not having a set plan can be a good thing! Feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do. 

What sort of time-frame is expected?

This is subject to the scope of the project. A simple pool fence update can be completed in a day or two. A complete backyard renovation with building alterations can take 3 to 6 months. Most renovations take at least few weeks to complete. There are usually lots of steps that have to happen in sequence so we allow the proper spacing to ensure the job is done properly. 

How is payment broken up?

We require a deposit to begin works, order materials and begin scheduling. The deposit is usually 30% of the project value. Depending on the total cost we divide the remaining amount into another two or three progress payments. This will allow you to budget and transfer money in smaller amounts as work progresses. 

For more examples of our work check the galley page

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