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Clearview Innovations are specialists in glass pool fencing on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. For pool fencing, we normally recommend frameless glass, however we also install semi-frameless glass and aluminum pool fencing.

We can help to achieve an outcome in a style that matches your taste and budget. 

Frameless glass pool fence Birtinya
Frameless glass pool fencing Yandina

Why choose glass pool fencing?

Glass pool fencing makes any outdoor area look great. Don't hide your beautiful pool behind an ugly fence!


Frameless glass will showcase the pool or outdoor area in a modern and sophisticated way. Our frameless glass fence looks beautiful and helps create a sense of space, while meeting all legal requirements and being very secure, which is especially important for keeping children safe.

At Clearview Innovations, we have many years of experience in the supply and installation of glass pool enclosures throughout the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, so we can help whatever your project is.

Frameless glass pool fence Sunshine Coast
Glass pool fencing Sunsine Coast


We commonly get asked about the safety of glass and its strength. The glass panels we use for all pool fences is "Grade A" heat treated toughened glass that meets Australian design regulations. This ensures that they can withstand impacts much better than normal glass. Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass - this video shows it can take a hit from a cricket ball or a ladder without any issues.  In addition, if it does break it breaks into small pieces, which are much less dangerous.


The panels also have rounded and polished edges, there are absolutely no sharp edges on the glass panel, the glass is round and smooth to the touch.

When fixing the panels, we use top quality spigots made from 2205 stainless steel to ensure strength and chemical or corrosion resistance. Where possible we 'core drill' these spigots directly into concrete, which can be done through existing tiling. If installing onto decking we fix securely using a base plated spigot. All hardware used is stainless steel to ensure a lifetime of hassle free enjoyment! 

Beautiful design installed on-time

At Clearview Innovation, glass pool fencing is an important part of our work. Pool surrounds made of glass not only look beautiful, but they also have many practical benefits. If you want a pool fence that is a lifetime investment, then glass pool fences are the perfect choice. We have a long history of supplying and installing quality glass pool fences that are not only safe, but also affordable and stylish.

Backyard renovation Sunshine Coast
Pool fence Sunshine Coast

Other Benefits of Glass pool fencing

1. Water, chemical and corrosion resistance

All of the materials we use in the design and construction are resistant to long term water or chemical exposure. We only use materials that ensure long-term, low maintenance dependability. We do not use soft woods that will rot or any metals that will rust or can be damaged by the salt or chlorine in the pool over time. This includes all the hardware such as screws, bolts or reinforcement products.  

2. No coating, painting or maintenance required

The durability of glass means that little maintenance is required after installation. The glass will not peel or fade from sunlight, ensuring that it can withstand the hot summer years without any ill effects. Once a glass fencing is in place, little maintenance is required other than occasional cleaning with hot water and detergent.

3. Offers unobstructed views

Current house design in Queensland is focusing around improved flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. It is quite common that large doors are being used to create views from inside to outside. If you have a pool it makes sense to use this as a design feature of your house. Glass fencing will improve the appearance of your outdoor area and increase property value.

Face-fixed glass
Pool area renovation Sunshine Coast


Do Glass Pool Fences Last Long?

Glass pool fencing is the best maintenance free fencing option there is. Glass will not weather, stain or breakdown. All the fixings and hardware we use are stainless steel and will last a lifetime as well. We ensure all installation is carried out to the highest standards making glass pool fencing a safe choice for your family.


Is it safe to use glass pool gates?

Yes, the glass gates we use are made from the same toughened glass using self-closing hinges and latches to ensure it doesn't open accidentally. This meets all the Australian design regulations. We commonly use a 'premium' soft close hinge, so it doesn't slam closed and shuts in a slow controlled manner. 


On what surfaces can a glass pool fence be installed?

Glass pool fences are typically installed in concrete as well as tile and pavers, but they can also be installed directly over wood decking, we just to ensure that we fix into solid timber beams. We commonly install extra reinforcement in the sub-frame in these situations.

What types of glass pool fences are available? 

The two most common forms of glass fencing are frameless and semi-frameless. Semi-frameless fences consist of glass panels secured by posts, while frameless pools are supported by glass fence brackets, creating the appearance of a continuous glass environment.

How do I maintain the glass pool fencing?

It is very simple to maintain, we just recommend hosing down the glass panels and stainless steel spigots on the regular basis. If you live in an extremely harsh environment such as beside the beach, then you would do this more regularly. Washing with fresh water removes the surface containments. Over time the buildup of residue on the surface allows a surface for rust to build up on. Over time it can breakdown the coatings and lead to "tea staining" which is a colouring of the metal finish.


Should I use coatings on the glass? 

There are some good products that help keep the glass clean by repealing water beads from binding and causing water spots. A common product we recommend is "enduroshield", it can be easy to DIY apply or we can apply it as part of the installation. 

Should I use coatings on the stainless steel?

Again there are some good products that help keep the metal items clean. There is an "enduroshield" product specifically for stainless steel, that is applied to the spigots and other surface areas. This is an easy DIY process or we can apply it for you.

What do I do if a glass panel breaks? 

In the rare case that a glass panel does break, it will usually 'pop' or explode into lots of small cube like pieces. This is  much safer as there are no large sharp pieces. There are still small glass splinters and it can still be dangerous, so be careful. We recommend wearing protective equipment and sweeping all the glass up to put it into an appropriate container. Then, if possible, using a vacuum cleaner to ensure there are no small pieces remaining. Dispose of the containers with other glass items in a safe manner. We can come out and replace the panels quite easily. We can help at any stage of this process! 

Do I need a handrail on the glass?

If there is more than a 1 metre drop on the other side of the pool fence then you may need a handrail fitted to that section of pool fence. We commonly fit a top mounted nano rail, which is very low visual impact and meets all Australian design rules.

For more examples of our work check the galley page

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