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Clearview Innovations can help install pool and spa grab rails. These are great to assist getting in and out of the pool or spa. We have a range of options, including different shapes colours and materials. We have "off the shelf" options from several different manufactures, or we can custom build rails to suit commercial builds and specific layouts. 

A popular new product we install, is a polymer covered rail that does not need earthing. This is great in areas with an established pool or spa area, as earthing in existing concrete or tiled surrounds can be very challenging. The polymer covered rails are UV and chemical resistant for a long, trouble free life. They are also great in areas where they are in the full sun all day, as they do not get as hot to the touch as stainless steel can. 


In a new build, where we can run earth cables in the pool shell, we can use stainless steel as the metal can be easily earth bonded. These stainless steel rails can be off the shelf or custom built, which is especially important in areas where you want the rail to continue into the waterline, such as down ramps or long sets of stairs.

Clearview Innovations have experience in all aspects of installing rails, contact us today for a quote or to discuss your project needs. 

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