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Clearview Innovations are specialists in glass balustrades on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Any raised surface above 1 metre requires a balustrade with a handrail. For example, this could be on a balcony, deck or going down a set of stairs. We normally recommend frameless glass, however we also install semi-frameless glass and aluminum balustrades. We can help to get a style that matches your taste and budget. 

In areas such as stairs most installations will require custom cut glass. To achieve this we come and take exact measurements to template the glass for installation. We then take these templates, cut the glass and heat treat it to ensure it meets all design and safety regulations. 

Frameless glass balustrade
sunrise beach glass balustrade

As a handrail is required, usually we use stainless off-set or top mounted rails. In many cases these are custom cut, welded and polished so you cannot see the joins. We can also source and custom install wooden handrails in many different timber types, this is especially important if matching an existing style or type of timber that is present in the area. 

coolum beach balustrade
Peregian balustrade

At Clearview Innovations, we have many years of experience in the design and custom cutting and installation of of balustrade glass throughout the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, so we can help whatever your project is.


We commonly get asked about the safety of glass and its strength. All of the glass panels used for balustrades are heat treated to meet Australian design regulations. Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than ordinary glass, which means that it has to be hit much harder in order to break. In addition, if it does break it breaks into small pieces, which are much less dangerous.  This is especially important in areas where there are falling risks, you want to know the glass will support people leaning or even falling against it.  


The panels we use also have rounded and polished edges, there are absolutely no sharp edges on the glass panel, there is no risk or accidental cutting, the glass is round and smooth to the touch.

When fixing the panels, we use top quality materials made from 2205 stainless steel to ensure strength and chemical or corrosion resistance. We can fix spigots directly into concrete, tile, wooden decking and a range of other materials. We make sure the installation will be secure and often reenforce the fixing area as required. All hardware used is stainless steel to ensure a lifetime of hassle free enjoyment! 

Frameless frosted glass
balustrade glass

Beautiful design installed on-time

As specialist builders we focus on providing a quality service that will meet your design requirements, budget and complete the work on-time. Glass balustrading is an important part of our work and something we're proud of. We will ensure that the balustrades we install made of glass not only look beautiful, but they match the design of the property and meet your expectations. If you want to make a lifetime investment in an important design element, then glass balustrading is a perfect choice. We have a long history of supplying and installing quality glass pool balustrades that are not only safe, but also affordable and stylish.

Minyama glass balustrade
Yandina glass balustrade

Other Benefits of Glass Balustrades

1. Strength and beauty in design

All of the materials we use in the design and construction are top quality materials, that will ensure long-term, low maintenance dependability. We use 12mm toughened glass in all frameless applications. We fix these using stainless steel spigots or stand-offs. All the screws and bolts we use are also stainless steel. This ensure that no matter if the balustrade is outside - such as on a balcony, or inside - such as around a void, the materials will last a lifetime.  

2. No coating, painting or maintenance required

The durability of glass and stainless steel means that little maintenance is required after installation. The glass will not peel or fade from sunlight, ensuring that it can withstand the hot summer years without any ill effects. Once a balustrade is in place, little maintenance is required other than occasional cleaning.

We do use some wood handrails, however we normally recommend wood only inside, as the maintenance required to keep wood in good condition which is outside, is too much for most owners. This results in wood cracking and overtime rotting. Stainless steel rails are a much better option for outside rails.

3. Offers unobstructed views

Current house design in Queensland is focusing around improved flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. It is quite common that large doors are being used to create views from inside to outside. If you have a balcony it makes sense to use this as a design feature of your house. Glass balustrades will improve the appearance by offering unobstructed views which could increase property value.

Balustrade on stairs
Face-fixed glass balustrade


Is it safe to use glass balustrades?

Yes, the glass we used is 12mm for frameless and 10mm for semi-frameless, the glass is toughened so it is much stronger than normal glass. This means it is safe to use in all raised balcony areas or beside stairs. The addition of a handrail adds rigidity and an area to hold onto. This meets all the Australian design regulations and ensures safety.


On what surfaces can a glass balustrading be installed?

We can install frameless glass on all surfaces. We typically install the balustrading on concrete, tiles and wooden surfaces. Prior to undertaking work we ensure there is a suitable subframe and if needed we add extra reinforcement. In some cases there will be waterproofing work required so we work around the other trades to ensure the correct items are installed at the correct times. All the work we complete meets the appropriate building standards. 

What types of glass balustrades do you install?

The two most common forms of glass balustrading we use are frameless and semi-frameless. Semi-frameless fences consist of glass panels secured by posts. These posts can be powder coated in custom colours. Frameless glass panels are supported by a large bracket called a spigot, creating the appearance of a continuous glass with minimum interruption, this is our prefered option.

For more examples of our work check the galley page

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