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Common Products

To help you navigate the design process here are the names and explanations of some common items we use throughout our installations. All of these items can be customised to suit your needs.


Face-fixed glass


This is an example of a

"face fixed" frameless glass panel. It is only an option in certain areas and materials.




This is a barrier around balconies, decks, stairs and voids. A balustrade with a handrail is legally required where there is more than 1m  fall.


Offset Handrail


A handrail is legally required in a number of areas. pictured here is an "offset" rail. Usually custom made of metal or wood.


Frameless Glass


In this example a "spigot" is being used to attach the sheet of glass to the deck. This shows a polished stainless steel.


Hardware Finishes


The hardware and fittings can be polished or different colours, most common is black. We use grade 2205 duplex stainless.


Nano Rail


Another handrail option is to have a small top mounted "nano rail". These are able to be custom designed & coloured


Semi Frameless Glass


Note the upright post supporting the glass panel. These posts are usually aluminium and can be custom coloured.


Gates and Hinges


Legally pool gates will require self closing hinges and a self locking latch. A 'premium' soft close option is very popular.


Gates, Sliders and Screens


Made of aluminium & painted with a durable 'powder coat' paint. They are low maintenance and rust free, often used to provide privacy and security. 

If you are planning on installing frameless glass pool fences or balustrading in or around the Sunshine Coast and North Brisbane areas, then we can help! Our team of qualified builders and carpenters specialise in this area.

Have a look across the items listed above to help you decide on the project outcome, these terms will help you when discussing what you want to achieve. With over 15yrs experience we are able to provide straightforward advice and expertise in what will work in different areas. We are also happy to work with a designer or can provide a referral to someone who can help. 

Frameless and semi-frameless glass installations for pool fencing and balustrading can be a big expense, it is usually a central design element, so it makes sense to take time to plan it out! There are a number of finish options and we can custom paint to any colour. Talk to us today about your project, we are more than happy to help!

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