Have a look through the photos below for some of our recent work installing frameless or semi-frameless glass pool fencing and balustrades. All of thee jobs have been completed around the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. As a local business we're here to help!

Below is a before and after. We updated the aluminum fencing to glass and built a hardwood deck around the pool area. The deck was finished level with the copping tile. This gave the owners a lot more usable space in their pool area.

The after photo was taken immediately after landscaping was completed. In another 6-12 months this will really shine!

Above you will find photos of our recent work using frameless and semi-frameless glass around pool areas, balustrades and voids inside buildings. We use a range of different products and styles to achieve the customers ultimate goals. If you do not have specific plans, then we can help design a great concept! Otherwise we have lots of experience working with different designers so we can provide a referral to someone to help plan the project.


As a specialist glass installer we focus on providing top quality, on-time and to budget. Talk to us today about your project!